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    MAIN ANN THREAD _______________________________________________________________ GoldMint ICO Instructions: Invest Securely _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ GOLDMINT ICO details. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Ang aming bounty campaign ay opisyal na nagsimula na. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ [glow=orange,2,300] GOLDMINT.io [/glow] _______________________________________________________________ Check out our telegram bot with FAQ _______________________________________________________________ [glow=orange,2,300] What is GOLDMINT _______________________________________________________________ [glow=orange,2,300]Bitcointalk Newsblock _______________________________________________________________ AUGUST 02/08 Ang Mga Kalamangan ng Digital Gold at ang Mga Pangunahing Kalamangan nito Kung ikukumpara sa Tradisyonal na Mga Crypto Currencies 08/08 Custody Bot, isang Blockchain-Based Instrument para sa Valuing at Storing Ginto 11/08 GOLD digital asset bilang instrumento para sa mga hedging risk 13/08 "Ang pagmimina ng pera ng crypto at pagmimina ng ginto - katulad ang mga proseso, sa parehong mga kaso ng maraming mga mapagkukunan ay gumagastos..." 14/08 GoldMint sa media ng blockchain 15/08 Pamamahala ng Tiwala sa Pamumuhunan na may GOLD Tokens: Loaning at Pawning 16/08 GoldMint blockchain: Bakit custom? 18/08 GoldMint Elevator pitch gawa ng platform’s co-founder at CEO Dmitry Plutschevsky. 20/08 "Ang GoldMint platform ay nangangailangan ng espesyal na seguridad para sa mga transaksyon na may GOLD cryptoassets..." 21/08 Pagaanunsyo ng ICO 22/08 Ang turning point sa turbulent world ng crypto - stable coin mula sa GoldMint 22/08 Pangalawang CoinTelegraph article 22/08 Paano mag-trade ng GOLD para sa fiat at crypto 23/08 GoldMint sa blockchain media. Part II. 24/08 Goldmint ay gumagamit ng PoS at hindi PoW 24/08 Sino - at kung paano - gagamitin ang GOLD cryptoassets? 25/08 Custody Bot mula sa GoldMint 26/08 Paano Bumili ng GOLD para sa fiat at crypto 29/08 Pagbisita sa Conference "Blockchain: ang bagong langis ng Russia" 31/08 Ang Custody Bot ay ginawang cryptoassets ang alahas. Mahika ng Crypto o alkemiya ng crypto? 31/08 Golden blockchain introducing a stable coin SEPTEMBER 03/09 GOLD Says Insomnia-Tortured ICO-Makers “Good Night” 04/09 GoldMint's CTO, Konstantin Pichugin, and lead blockchain developer Anton Akentiev reveal the details about the development of GoldMint platform 04/09 "Did you know that the maximum transaction capacity of Bitcoin is 2 transactions per second, while Visa can handle up to 56000?..." 04/09 "An international conference "Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference" on the 7th of September in Stockholm" 05/09 GOLD and ETF: Description and Relations 06/09 Nothing-at-Stake and LongRange-Attack in PoS 07/09 "Apart from blockchain, another thing that makes the world a better place is charity..." 08/09 "Not long ago our team came back from the Blockchain&Bitcoin conference...@ 08/09 "The developers of Custody Bot talk about the project, technical details and reveal the plans for the development..." 08/09 From ancient Egypt to crypto exchanges: the Evolution of Aurum 10/09 “GoldMint has taken an innovative approach to handling a precious commodity.” 11/09 “Our ICO is starting in less than 2 weeks!...” 12/09 Win-win mining: How MNT tokens holders can earn on verifying transactions. 13/09 GoldMint CEO spoke about the ICO, coming September 20th, unique features of the MNTP token and entering American exchanges. 13/09 Innovation in blockchain technologies!You give us your gold, and our Custody Bot exchanges it for tokens. 14/09 We are going to convert gold from a dead metal lying in safes to dynamic reservoir of value for peer-to-peer transactions. 14/09 How can the cryptocurrency market benefit from gold’s attributes? 14/09 "Right now our team is touring top gold storages and precious metals exchanges in the world, and talks are happening today with the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange" 14/09 Gold’s Unprecedented Leap Into the Digital World 15/09 Our team met with Vitalik Buterin, we got valuable advice and discussed our concept of stable coin. 15/09 We are completely ready for ICO and posted the code for our smart contract on GitHub. 15/09 Currently our team is in meetings with partners in Asia: banks, gold traders, investors! 16/09 The aspects of tokenized gold solutions 18/09 "We are set to transform the business processes of over 2000 jewelry companies from around the world..." 18/09 GoldMint in blockchain media 18/09 "GOLD cryptoassets are a perfect solution for projects conducting ICO..." 19/09 "The ICO event Moscow conference is happening tomorrow..." 19/09 GoldMint ICO Instructions: Invest Securely 19/09 What is GOLD cryptoassets and how to use them? 19/09 Are you up-to-date with GoldMint’s bonus scale? 19/09 "This article tells you everything you need to know about our upcoming ICO..." 20/09 "Our ICO is today!..." 20/09 "GoldMint has raised 1 000 000 dollars within 4 hours...." 20/09 "Read the detailed comparison of GOLD to other gold-backed coins..." 20/09 "GoldMint team at London Blockchain Live conference 2017..." 20/09 "GoldMint has successfully passed the three million dollars milestone..." 21/09 "GoldMint ICO: Day 1 results" 21/09 "We've already sold the first share of MNTP tokens" 22/09 "High-Tech Gold Vending Machines" 22/09 "We have just taken first place in the pitch session for blockchain startups CryptoBazar!" 22/09 "GoldMint referral system has been launched!" 25/09 "Our advisor Vladislav Martynov spoke today during the Blockchain Middle East forum in Dubai and presented our project!"